Growing your business is an exciting venture. As you expand, you’re getting to reach more people and spread your products across the globe. Of course, expanding your business needs to be done strategically and professionally. As you look to produce more merchandise, you need extra space. As you take on more new customers, you need more staff. As you expand to new markets, you need a fresh, bold marketing strategy. One tool that can really help your expansion in many different ways is renting a storage unit.

Many people think of storage units simply as a place to put your extra belongings or as a great option to store some stuff as you’re moving or relocating. However, the versatility a storage facility can offer can actually benefit many of your in-house teams in your business. Your startup can benefit from extra space to operate out of, have a reserve of supplies and merchandise, or have a specified packaging area. It can be a great experience for your small business to have this extra unit; you just have to get creative about how you want to use it. Here are just four ways a storage unit can help your small business expand.

1. Pay less for a business space.

One of the most expensive parts of operating a company is affording office space, which is why a lot of businesses are transitioning to work-from-home models. The truth is, if you’re running a startup, you may not have the money to afford a full office with all the regular amenities. Even if your team primarily works from home in their appropriate office attire, as a project manager, wouldn’t you love to have an area you could meet in-person?

A storage unit could be that space for you, especially in an expensive area of the country. For example, cheap storage facilities in Newark will save you so much on the prices of a single room office in New York City. By taking advantage of promotions and discounts, you can take your business casual meetings to a climate control storage space. It may seem unconventional, but it can save your company a lot of money as you continue offering great customer service. This will also allow you to expand beyond your homes and meet more as a unit.

2. Store your extra supplies and merchandise.

Another huge part of running a business is creating your products and merchandise. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, you need space to store your supplies and any extra merchandise. Self-storage may be a great option, so you can declutter your office and keep things organized on a grander scale. This space is cheaper than a warehouse and can store the things you don’t need on a regular basis, allowing you to expand and grow on a new scale.

3. Have a space to store and outsource your bookkeeping.

If you’re dealing with a lot of paper and financial records at your company, you know they can take up a lot of storage space within the office. Having a storage unit can offer you a space to separate your bookkeeping and that part of your operation.

Figure out when to outsource and when to expand in house teams because an outsourcing company may be able to handle it for you. That way, they can work at the storage unit directly and not interrupt your important work.

4. Improve your packaging process.

As a small business, you may be conducting most of your packaging and shipping in-house. This is another good reason to consider a storage unit. That space will give you a specific shipping area you can take advantage of. Dress it up with all the accessories, and create the perfect packaging process for your company to help you expand and get more merchandise out quicker.