We’re all trying to save money, especially with the economy being so unpredictable right now. Still, there are some things you just shouldn’t cheap out on. Here are 5 things that are worth the money:

1. Your Wardrobe

Presentation is important among professionals, and how you dress sends a message about yourself. Women, and petite women in particular, often face more scrutiny about their appearance and dress in the workplace. It can be difficult to be taken seriously sometimes — but if you have some petite suits in your wardrobe, you’ll be a force of nature. There’s something about petite women suits that just make small women look more powerful. Pair knit tees with a petite jacket or blazer for a comfortable, yet professional look. Straight-leg pants and pencil skirts great options as well. Creating a professional wardrobe is an investment, but you don’t have to spend an absolute fortune, either. Find discounts, free shipping, and items on a final sale to maximize your shopping bag.

2. Health Insurance

Until the U.S. government joins the rest of the developed world in guaranteeing universal health care as a human right, you’ll want to invest in health insurance. Navigating private insurance plans, the federal Medicare program, Medicare supplement plans, and prescription drug plans can be confusing, but there are online tools to help. The Affordable Care Act created the health insurance marketplace, where you can compare insurance plans from private insurance companies like the Blue Shield Association.

Older Americans can also get Medicare insurance quotes online to supplement their original Medicare plan. A Medicare supplement insurance plan is worth the money, but finding the best Medicare quote is important because there are so many different Medicare supplement plans. Find a plan that works for you, and keep putting pressure on the United States government to pass Medicare For All. Health insurance shouldn’t be something you have to spend money on — but for now, it’s worth it.

3. A Mattress

Of the things we use every day, your bed is a pretty important one. Depriving yourself of a good night’s sleep to save money on a cheap mattress is a bad idea. Poor sleep can cause so many other problems in our lives, from mental health to physical health issues. Buying a cozy, supportive, and long-lasting mattress is a no-brainer. We spend almost one-third of our lives sleeping, after all.

4. Home Automation

Streamline your life with a home automation system that controls all of your smart devices. Several home security companies have rolled out smart home hubs that allow you to connect things like cameras, motion detectors, air conditioning, lighting, and more. Create routines and schedules to make your life easier and save on energy costs. The initial investment of a home automation system may be a little pricey, especially if you have to install things like smart thermostats, but it pays off over time.

5. A Massage

Life is stressful, especially in 2020. Spending the money to get a professional massage isn’t a bad idea if you’re feeling overwhelmed or tense. Trained massage therapists can locate tension in the body and massage it away using various techniques. People with a lot of stress, chronic pain, or inflammation can greatly benefit from trip to the spa. You’ll leave feeling deeply relaxed and get a good night’s sleep, too. Treat yourself!

Sometimes being too frugal can actually hurt us, not help us. By making smart investments in your wardrobe, you could land you that dream job of yours. Having health insurance can save you from costly medical bills down the road. Some things are just worth spending the money on.