We get it: just because you’ve survived up until the emoji era, you think you’re Internet-savvy.

Although you might be skilled and know all about the “surface” goodies like the best websites for keyword research or handy social media tools, it turns out the interweb is deeper, more fun, and more useful than we think.

Of course, we haven’t brought deep-web related stuff or anything else that is illegal to use, but we want you to explore the web in a different way that’ll help you both online and in real life.

If you’re ready, open a few tabs, and let’s see some of the coolest things you can do online right now for both enjoyment and information.

Hop into a (virtual) time machine

The Wayback Machine is a search engine that lets you look for over 300 billion old versions of websites. This site has saved the information and captured webpages for more than 20 years, which adds up to an insanely complete internet archive for everyone.

If you need to look up older information on a certain webpage or just want to check how much some website designs have changed since the 90s, this is the right time to do it.

Attend a live car auction without being there

The worst part about looking for a new vehicle is the buying process itself. Not wanting to deal with dishonest salespeople and a lack of financing are reasons you’re still dreaming about that one car. Finally, car purchases no longer need to be a headache thanks to a new wave of online auto auction. Specialists are willing to do all the hard work for you, so you can bid with comfort and buy a dream car without having to leave the house.

The only phone calls you’ll need to make are with trusted professionals. They’ll bid for the car you’ve chosen (among over 200,000 cars available) and attend dealer-only auctions, making your vehicle much more affordable. The best part? They can virtually take you with them on live auctions. With the hassle gone, you might as well start visualizing that dream.

Find information on just about anyone in the US

Search engines work for pretty much anything, even when searching for real people and their background information. Yes, you can do that without them knowing if it’s a sensitive case.

A free people search engine is the ideal shortcut for months or even years of trying to find out more about a specific individual, whether it’s a family member or a date. It takes a long time to really get to know people, but this tool eliminates a few years and all risk from the process.

Organize your Gmail inbox

E-mails are stressful for disorganized people. Since we need to send e-mails on a daily basis, we must start using this little tool called “labels” to avoid missing important tasks.

Labels are Gmail’s way to arrange and manage important projects without cluttering your inbox.

Plus, they’re easy to use and completely free. Pair this tool with a handy e-mail unsubscriber and you’ll have a squeaky-clean inbox with only the essential stuff.

Create awesome beats in a simple way

Bored at work? Insert your earphones and head to beat-making websites like Patatap. Tap any letter on your keyboard, and watch the magic happen. Presto. Take a break from your Word documents and just have some fun. It’ll look like you’re working super hard, though.

It doesn’t stop there. The Internet is filled with amazing, free, and of course, legal stuff you can use to make your life easier and more fun. That’s the web’s main purpose, after all.