Starting a YouTube channel is a brilliant tool for digital marketing. Between a live stream, marketing videos and reviews, there are several ways to maximize your YouTube channel using video production. Product reviews are incredibly impactful, and it’s really simple to get one started! Here are seven tips for starting a YouTube-based product review channel:

1. Establish Your Channel’s Presence

YouTube is just as important as any other social media platform, so it’s essential to establish your channel’s presence that is in the same style and tone as your other channels. Once you create your channel, start interacting. Leave comments on videos you like, subscribe to channels you admire and share pages with video content that relates back to your brand. This will help you get acquainted with the YouTube community!

2. Create a Content Calendar

Having a content calendar to refer to is incredibly helpful for your workflow; you can keep track of your budget, video content, and schedule! It all works for a better strategy for your channel. For example, if you’re reviewing CBD products, a dietary supplement or anything similar in the cannabis industry, make sure these videos are spread out and not being posted all around the same time. Check out apps such as Asana and Airtable to start getting your content calendar together.

3. Have the Right Equipment + Set-Up

A video production needs to look elite! Having the necessary tools to film your videos with high-quality is one of the most important steps! Consider looking into hiring a professional video production services, such as Coldea Productions, a video production company that specializes in product videos and corporate videos. Video production agencies are always a huge relief!

However, if you decide to do it yourself, that’s great too! Just make sure you have the essential items:


-A good backdrop with good lighting

-Editing Software

4. Learn the Product(s)

Before and during the filming process, explain what the product you’re reviewing is all about. If you’re doing this product review as part of an advertisement or collaboration, check in with an attorney for any legal advice. Consider consulting with a law firm, such as McAllister-Garfield, a national cannabis law firm, to go over the necessary cautions to be taken. This CBD law firm offers legal advice to protect you from legal issues.

5. Become Familiar with Editing Software(s)

Making the video is always a fun part; with editing, it’s time to really get down to business! There are several editing software such as iMovie, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut. Whether you’re hiring an editor to handle this part or you’re doing it all yourself, it’s always a great idea to be familiar with how editing works out. Excellent editing makes an even more impressive video!

6. Optimization is Key

Once you’re ready to publish your video, be sure to use your words wisely! Optimization is essential; this is how you’re going to reach out to your audiences. Be clever and crafty with how you draft your copy; every word from the title to the description box to the tags should be used to bring your viewers to you! Consider doing a quick course over SEO to improve your wordsmith skills.

7. Engage With Your Audiences

Finally, engage with your viewers! Invite them to share their own thoughts of the product you reviewed, and do a poll to find out what else they’ll be interested in watching. This is a great way to get connected with your audience in real-time, and maintaining that connection will include some call-to-action. Try to think of new ways you can be transparent and interactive with your viewers!

Good luck with starting your Youtube-based product review channel!