There are as many varieties of health supplements on the market as there are colors in the color wheel. Health and wellness are always on-trend and many enthusiasts turn to health supplements for help meeting their personal goals. Starting an online supplement store has relatively low start-up costs and can reach a large customer market.

Research Trends to Determine Your Niche

Research industry trends and become an expert in all things supplements and vitamins. Determine a diverse product range by reading the latest news, studies, and reviews of supplement products on the market. There are thousands of supplement suppliers that can fill your niche product needs. Be sure to vet suppliers by looking for companies that offer high-quality products, guarantees, and quick order turnaround.


Government Guidelines and Regulations

Making specific medical claims about supplements and vitamins is a big no-no. Every country regulates supplements and vitamins differently and supplement manufacturers must adhere to strict requirements. The Food and Drug Administration regulates the production and sale of supplements and vitamins in the US but it doesn’t evaluate such products for the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of any medical condition. The FDA requires all supplement product labels to list the ingredients, the manufacturer, packaging site, product description, and the clear title of “supplement.” Companies that mislabel supplement products or make false claims are subject to action by the FDA.

Reliable Suppliers

Keeping in mind the obligation to manufacture and advertise health supplements according to FDA guidelines, you can choose to manufacturer your supplements. Going this route means studying formula and ingredients guidelines, getting the proper licensing for manufacturing and selling, and adhering to proper labeling practices.

On the other hand, working with a supplement manufacturer like Makers Nutrition relieves you of the responsibility for obtaining licenses and upholding FDA guidelines. The business-to-business supplement manufacturer is a one-stop-shop, turnkey solution for safe, quality-driven supplement products. At, customers can find solutions to all their supplement product needs, from manufacturing and graphic design to packaging and order fulfillment. All of Makers Nutrition’s supplement products, whether in capsule, soft gels, powder, or gummies, are produced in FDA registered facilities according to Good Manufacturing Processes.


A Place for Inventory

Supplements do have a shelf life and potency that can be negatively affected by heat and humidity. Supplements and vitamins are best kept in a cool, dry, and dark place. Storing inventory in your home office is fine so long as you have the right place to keep them. It’s worth investing in a climate-controlled storage facility to keep your inventory organized and safe from the elements. The last thing you want to discover is that all the money spent on buying inventory has been wasted because your supplements have degraded while in storage.


Marketing and Distribution

An online supplement store can be hosted on auction sites, social media platforms, or on a personal website. Whichever platform you intend to use, keep in mind the equipment and resources you will need for marketing and distribution. Think graphic design, marketing materials, merchant services, order fulfillment, booking keeping, and distribution. Given the natural health supplement market is competitive, it’s important to create a business strategy that caters to your niche market’s demands and wants.

Order fulfillment and distribution can be simplified by working with a fulfillment center such as NewEgg Logistics. The full-service fulfillment center provides world-class logistics and supply chain solutions services for B2C and B2B customers. NewEgg Logistics uses a proprietary warehouse management software to streamline the customer experience every step of the way, from order receipt and fulfillment to packing and shipping products directly to your customers.

If you are passionate about health and wellness and have expertise in all things health supplements, starting an online supplement store could be a profitable business.