It was just yesterday when your little one set off for school for the first time. Now they’re graduating high school; crazy how time flies. Before you know it, they’ve veered off to set up lives of their own, leaving you with memories. Speaking of memories, throwing your teenager the best high school graduation party will be a great memory when they head off to college, an internship, or whatever they’re destined for. But we know parties can turn bizarre if you don’t plan well, which is why we compiled the best ideas for a high school graduation party.

Game-Themed Party


We know that you might’ve tried several times to hide their gaming gadgets in a bid to get them to sleep early on a school night or study for exams. After an outstanding performance in high school, throwing them a game-themed party with their friends won’t be such a bad idea. A Guitar Hero rental arcade game party seems like an excellent idea. It gives the celebrants fond memories to take to college, and it subtly reinforces the idea that they can play all the games they want now. Well, as long as they pass their exams with a good GPA and graduate.

You can throw in other fun activities like arcade games, a pinball machine, chess, foosball, and a ping pong table. You can also have everyone wear a brand-new jersey and take pictures. Pictures might be the only tokens left of these happy moments in a few months, so why not make it count by freezing memories forever? You can spice up your photo booth with props going with the party theme.

Rock Bands

Compared to birthday parties, a high school graduation party is something you experience only once in your life. Honestly, nothing will seem overboard for your graduate, especially if they’re a valedictorian graduating with honors. Getting them a ticket to their favorite rock band concert isn’t a bad idea or even bringing their rock stars to the graduating party. If you can afford it, why not? Alternatively, you may decide to have a college-themed party, especially if your graduate has been accepted into their school of choice in the United States or anywhere in the world.

You can host all the graduate students in your home. Adopting a typical college party setting with simple decor and a sound system seems like a good idea. Best believe that the graduates will cherish every moment spent being amongst themselves for the last time before going out to conquer the world.

Picnic Party


High school graduation is a step toward a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, a wedding when they’re older, and other significant life achievements. A graduate (amidst all the excitement) might be nursing anxiety and cold feet about what’s to come. Nothing beats an outdoor clear-weather party. A less formal graduation party with just a few familiar faces around is way cooler than the typical banquet-style party. All you need is a basket full of everything needed to feed the number of guests invited and, of course, a blanket, with little or no decor.

Before we forget, a cake at the picnic party will be a perfect finish. A creative statement cake is an excellent way to show the graduate that you’re proud of their academic achievements and you look forward to more academic excellence from them. A few words of wisdom imprinted on the cake will go a long way to soothing the graduate’s fears and worries.

The creative cake can feature a giant S for “summa cum laude,” the highest honor in college, or anything else that can inspire your graduate. For entertainment, you can play a favorite song everyone can sing along with a bass guitar.