Earning from home has become a necessity for millions in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic. Working from home has become the new reality for many of us, while many others are finding that these new workforce constraints are forcing them out of work altogether. This has given people plenty of stress but also a new breath of fresh air. Now is the perfect time to launch work dreams from the home office that you’ve been relegated to. While we’re all locked out of the patterns that we consider normal, you must act to launch your brand or new career working for yourself in order to lock in market share or industry expertise for the future.

1. Set yourself up for success before making any career moves.


Before transforming your life with a new income stream, however, it’s important to create the space for this growth in your home. Adding a home water delivery service and clearing out space for a home office in a spare room or corner of the kitchen is the best way to transform your workspace and create the positive environment that you’ll need to see your vision through. Water delivery will help you keep focused on the tasks at hand and provide a semblance of the norms that you would have been accustomed to in your office environment. Moving into a new space—especially within your own home—can be a shock to the system, so keeping as much of your productivity-inducing surroundings the same as possible is a great way to get yourself working and earning to your full potential.

2. Start a bed and breakfast.

Transforming your home into a bed and breakfast is a great way to create additional income for your personal financial picture. While travel has taken a severe hit over the last calendar year, the battle against the pandemic has made some serious strides this past month with the introduction of a number of viable vaccines that will surely turn the tide in the new year. Getting ready for the boost in holiday travel that is sure to follow is a great way to provide a new infusion of cash into your home. If you begin to prepare now, you can beat the rush of competition looking to strike it big with the future surge of travelers.

This change is made even easier with the help of hosting services like Airbnb. There are even tons of guides out there that will help you stage your home for photos, calculate the prices you should charge, and even write up a description that will turn heads on the platform.

3. Start a blog.

Blogging is also a great way to create additional cash flow. There are hundreds of millions of blogs that exist on the internet, but they manage to complement one another rather than compete in most cases. Blogging has become a viable means of income for many, many writers and storytellers all around the world. This is because you have entertaining and approachable stories to tell, no matter how skilled a writer you are today. Blogging is a great equalizer that allows everyone with a story to tell to share. If you’ve ever thought of writing as a career, then this might be the perfect opportunity for you. Writing in your spare time is a perfect introduction and can get you hooked on the journey in no time.

Because blogs exist on the internet for as long as you keep your web page current, your content will continue to attract new and repeat readers in perpetuity, meaning you can count on the concurrent advertising revenue to continue trickling into your bank account as well. The best way to create revenue from online content is to simply continue producing new material at a steady rate. Growing organically over the long term will provide you with a large catalog of content that picks up viewers forever, whether you continue to write or choose to relegate your site to a passive income stream down the line.

4. Get into online tutoring.

Online tutoring is another one for the teachers and academics out there. There’s a huge cottage industry of online tutoring sites that help foreign students practice their English with native speakers from North America, Britain, Ireland, and Australia. These accents are often prized possessions for non-native speakers in Asia and other parts of Europe. Getting into tutoring is fairly straightforward and will only take a smidgeon of your time. The lessons are typically less than a half-hour and pay handsomely for native expertise that you simply lucked into. Tutoring might be the perfect way to generate a new source of income without any real startup burdens.

5. Start generating new wealth in the stock market and with alternative investments.

The stock market and other commodity trading hubs are great sources of new income. Whether you’re a seasoned investor with a growing portfolio of stocks and assets already or are new to this concept of wealth creation, the trading floor might be the perfect place to spend your mornings. Stock traders are major readers, the most famous investors are all well documented researchers, and you should get in this habit as well if you want to succeed here.

No matter your sector preferences, investing in the market should be done in two phases. The first is the purchase of safety assets, like the Canadian Couch Potato ETF. An index fund locks in the long term growth of the market itself while insulating you from the shocks that are bound to throw individual companies into short term downturns. Once you’ve created this safety, utilize alternative investments to create greater short term gain potential. Platforms like Yieldstreet offer funds that routinely perform above the average marketplace return by betting on sometimes unusual asset classes (for more on the Prism Fund or Yieldstreet, read Yieldstreet reviews).

Investing in your future is an essential piece of wealth creation. No matter your tailored interests, there’s an income-generating avenue out there for you that can be done from the comfort of your home.