Investing intelligently (in any asset class) requires a dedication to research and a measured approach. Whether you are building a real estate empire, a string of profitable small business outlets and retail stores, or you invest primarily in the stock market, the fundamentals remain largely the same. Diversification is a core measure of a portfolio’s success, whether as a small business owner or in the stock market.

Investing is all about finding the winners. This can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, but sometimes the marketplace fundamentals just fall into place and you stumble upon a great investment opportunity with little upfront effort. Of course, research and background information are required for due diligence, but many investors find some of their greatest investment opportunities almost by chance.

Start with the services you use on a daily basis.


Whether you are searching for a way to protect yourself from scam callers or can’t seem to find a solution to a benign household problem that has suddenly arisen, starting with your typical routine is a great place for inspiration to strike. These common problems can wreak havoc on your schedule, but more importantly, they are typically shared by millions of others just like you—all of whom are searching for a simple solution that may not yet exist.

Beginning your search for great investment opportunities can often begin with a reflection on your own personal information. The retail stores you frequent, the way in which you use or interact with commercial loans, or the type of real estate that you own as a homeowner are all important facets of your personal information and consumer routine. Some of the best small business ideas creep in from these types of reflections, and retail stores that see the most success are often the ones that fill a niche requirement of your community.

In today’s modern, digital world, that community could be local, or it might be far-flung. No matter what your daily interactions consist of, starting with your own habits is a great way to identify investment opportunities that range from stock holdings and real estate purchases to the opening of a new business.

Small businesses are the backbone of the industry.


Small businesses account for 98% of all U.S. businesses. In fact, small business owners are so prevalent in the economy of the United States that service providers and stock market movements all ebb and flow to the trends in this crucial economic indicator rather than the titans that we all talk about ceaselessly.

For your retail outlet, utilizing the best possible tools of the trade is the only way to create success that will last throughout your time. A cash register express POS is but one example of the cutting-edge technology that drives hybrid brick-and-mortar businesses in the modern world. Cash register express is a data-driven product that collates price, quantity, and other essential data points from your digital storefront and physical locations in order to provide you and your team with accurate figures at the touch of a button. No matter the industry your trade-in, a CRE account solution is a must-have for credit card purchases, gift card issuing, and personal information protection.

Bolster your portfolio of assets with alternative investing offers.


Platforms that trade in alternative assets, like Yieldstreet, are a core component of investor success. Rather than thinking through the companies you frequent, with an account at Yieldstreet you can trade in high-value assets that you use regularly as well (or might want to). Yieldstreet investors have unique access to high-value real estate offers, but they can also trade in fine art and wines—traditional hot spots for strong capital growth. Yieldstreet offers a must-have investment opportunity for those looking to unchain themselves from the standard avenues of investment.

Finding investment opportunities starts with an open mind. Think about the things you use on a daily basis, as well as those things that might improve the quality of life that you enjoy, if they existed. These are often great places to begin your search for new high-yielding investments.