Starting a business is an exciting adventure that never really ends. Sure, getting it off the ground and making your first sale are huge milestones, but you need to focus on continued progress if you want to grow your own enterprise. Setting goals and achieving key results are what will help your business thrive instead of fizzling out. And one of the best ways to do this is by tracking your business progress.

Running a business comes with many different kinds of little milestones and ways to measure success. Making your first sale, getting hired for a new job or project, or enjoying advances in new technology are great examples of growing as a company. The more you expand and adapt to different situations, the more equipped you’ll be to handle anything the business world could throw your way. Reaching your overall company objectives becomes easier when you track your business progress. Here are just a few more reasons why this is one of the best practices for your company’s success on the track.

You may be the founder of your company, but you have a whole team working together to make everything run smoothly. By setting goals and tracking progress, you are increasing employee engagement. Using an objectives and key results tool can help you set metrics and do performance reviews through a general OKR framework. This keeps everyone informed and involved within the company tragedy and can help you stretch goals and reach those key results faster. All because you measured progress and have something you’re working towards.

Find areas where you can improve.

Tracking your progress may seem like it’s all about big moments to be proud of. This isn’t necessarily true. By tracking your business progress, you can also find areas you may need to improve upon next quarter. Think of these areas as opportunities for growth or suggestions for how you can pick up the slack in the future. You’ll never know how to improve if you don’t track your progress in the first place.

Look for opportunities for automation and efficiency.

Businesses and startups are transitioning to digital platforms as time goes on. Tracking your progress may open up opportunities for templates or new technological advances you haven’t thought of before. See how laborers can thrive in the era of automation or how machine learning can help you reach your ambitious goals. By seeing what you can achieve with human labor, you can better understand how software and machines can help you speed up routine tasks.

Improve your sales.

Progress within a business is measured in many different ways. One of which is with your sales numbers. By tracking who is buying your products and how much they are spending, you can reach new markets and improve your sales. After all, if you aren’t keeping track of that progress, you’ll never be able to understand the best strategies for improvement within the entire organization.

Explore new opportunities to reach your target audience.

Like your sales improvements, tracking your progress will help you see who is investing in your products. This can inform your marketing strategy as you solidify your target audience. It can also illuminate opportunities to expand and reach new customers.

Grow your brand and your capital.

Nothing grows without data and information. You can’t hope to grow your brand and increase your capital unless you are first studying your current progress and trajectory. These analytics will help predict your future and tell you how to gain more visibility for the future. It can make a major impact on your continued brand growth and expansion.